Whether you are searching for a long lost family member who immigrated to another country, or you have a family mystery, or a brick wall in your genealogical research, I can help you. I have been doing extensive research in the United States and in the areas of Pale of Settlement, including, but not limited to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Baltic countries. I’ve been working on connecting cousins all around the world: USA, Russia, Germany, Israel, Italy, and Argentina. With my help many families were able to find their long-lost relatives and feel the joy of reuniting with the long lost cousins they have been seeking for many years. I also provide professional translation services from modern and old (pre-reform) Russian into English.

  • Basic and complex family tree building and verification of existing trees
  • Publication research in English and Russian: newspapers, microfilms, military and historical records
  • Searching for lost family members and connecting family members
  • Translation from pre-reform Russian to English
  • Analysis of autosomal DNA testing results and identifying connections with DNA matches